The Chapel

This little church served the congregation until a new and much larger church was constructed in 1888. That same year Frederick Underwood, son of Enoch, purchased the little church for an armory and donated it to the Wauwatosa Light Guard, a patriotic and social organization.

The Guard disbanded in 1914 and Frederick Underwood then had the building moved into the cemetery to be converted to a chapel. It was at that time that the chapel exterior was covered in stucco and the Greek Revival façade was added.

It served as a cemetery chapel for the next 35 years when usage began to decline, however some services were held there until the 1980’s when it was converted into a storage facility for the cemetery.

Help Us Restore The Chapel!

In 2023, the Chapel was named to the National Register of Historic Places. 

The restoration of the chapel is currently a priority of the cemetery association. Help us preserve this historic place! Having survived over 150 years this historic chapel now needs our help!

The cemetery is seeking donations to assist in the renovation of the chapel and maintenance of the roadway and trees. Please consider a gift to restore and maintain these historic places.

All donations go to the Wauwatosa Cemetery Foundation, a 501(c) (3) foundation under the IRS rules.