Cemetery Lot/Cremains Prices

Please Note: Wauwatosa Cemetery accepts one (1) full body and one (1) cremains in one (1) grave or two (2) cremains in one (1) grave. Lot prices include perpetual care fees of $500.00 for Newer Sections and $500.00 for Historic Sections. For more information, please make an inquiry through our contact page.


Lot Only
(Newer Section)

Lot Only
(Historic Section)

Other Fees

Opening and Closing of Regular Size Grave (Includes re-sodding)$1400.00
Opening and Closing of Cremation (Includes re-sodding)$750.00
Saturday Sur Charge (Up to Noon)$400.00
Saturday Sur Charge (After Noon/Per Hour)$80.00
Seasonal Adjustment Fee, Nov.1st Through March 31st$175.00
Monument Setting Fee (Per Square Inch)$1.25
Minimum Setting Fee $350.00
Graveside Service Fee
(For Services Longer than Final Committal )
Permit Fee - Single Stone$100.00
Permit Fee - Double Stone$150.00